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  • Published : January 8, 2011
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What is the difference between emic and etic research?
Provide examples from the field of psychology that illustrate the misapplication of both approaches to research populations in urban settings.

Good day classmates:
This has got to be one of the most difficult D Q's that I have ever encountered, I pray that this is correct !!!
Emic research according to Marshall, Pierre, and John (1999) is the emic approach, which is typical of much ethnographic anthropological research, emphasizes the uniqueness of every culture by focusing on culture-specific phenomena such as the behaviors, norms, values, customs, traditions, and so on that is characteristic of a particular society. When viewing emic research one can gain knowledge through elicitation or through observation, you’ll find that from time to time some objective ob-servers can infernative perceptions. We need to remember that Emic knowledge is essential for an intuitive and empathic understanding concerning someone’s culture, and emic research has been found to be essential when conducting effective ethnographic fieldwork. A good example to remember when comparing urban to rural psychologist finds no difference when looking at overweight and obesity.

Etic research according to Marshall, Pierre, and John (1999) is Cross-cultural psychologists, on the other hand, are more apt to use an etic approach, seeking to identify universal behavioral categories, and then compare their diverse, culturally specific variants. When one conducts research across cultures is to do etic research. Emic knowledge is often a valuable source of inspiration for etic hypotheses. Etic knowledge, on the other hand, is essential for cross-cultural comparison, of ethnology, since comparison necessarily demands standard units and categories.

Misapplications of emic research would be when psychologist take certain data to attempt to describe or report about other cultures. The reason why this is a misapplication is...
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