Why Buy a Motorbike Rather Then a Car

Topics: Automobile, The Road Pages: 2 (795 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Why buy a motorbike rather then a car?

My name is Michael Kay, and the simple fact is that I know better then you do. So put down that meaningless road safety brochure your worried old mother gave you and let me educate you.

There are thousands of ways in which I could persuade you to buy a motorbike but I’m sure that the argument that will make your eyes gleam like the coins that you don’t have is the fact that they are cheap. Indeed you will be paying half the bread then you would have for any half decent car. Now take away a couple grand from at least a year’s worth of pay, and there is no need to be a genius to work out that you will be able to pay your next month’s rent excuse free! I am yet to meet a person who enjoys living in the back of their new car…

Or maybe the tree hugging environmentally-friendly side of you still isn't satisfied. Let us rethink our predicament. For every gallon of petrol used by that magnificently bold and elegant piece of two wheeled engineering, you could ride almost up to five times further then your neighbour could in his god forsaken hummer truck. Imagine it this way: in few weeks time when you'll be driving into work, roaring your super green Mission R Electric Motorcycle with direct voltage distribution, four cylinder turbo engine at the new interns walking by, you will happily he counting away the greenery you've saved along your journey. One tree… two trees… three trees… four! and so on and so forth. Soon after you'll find that you've fallen in love with saving the environment as much as you have with your bike. You will see yourself spending your time building bikes running on KFC's used oil, wearing sac-cloth pants and eating parsnips for breakfast. Needless to say that your bike will have single handedly changed your lifestyle forever. Now look back at your current life: driving your dads old Reliant Robin with more carbon emission then a jumbo jet packed into a pile of malodorous three-wheeled junk,...
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