Why Boys and Girls Should Study in Separate Schools

Topics: High school, College, Education Pages: 1 (291 words) Published: February 21, 2013
As far as I can remember,people have been debating pros and cons of the statement that boys and girls should attend separate schools .In my personal view of point,Boys and girls should attend separate schools for following two reasons. My two rationales are better concentration on study and better overall academic performance.         To begin with,same sex school will improve students concentration on study because they can not distracted by girls .Moreover,it will also make them understand better and in depth without distraction caused by girls in class. people might assert that boys and girls should attend school together for each other's orientation and that way they pay more attention to study than other things.           Furthermore,study shows that same sex students able to share things easily with their friends compare to boys and girls together which will reduce anxiety and confusion.This will help them to reduce overall stress which will bring them happiness and relaxation in the life and overall improve their academic performance .To illustrate this,Let's take an example of one of friends,Dhara,She was very shy when sheis in classroom with boys.so when teacher ask her any question ,she was not able to answer properly although she knew about it very well because of that her grade will suffer.According to recently released survey by Korean research center ,two third of the surveyed high school student responded that they were more able to concentrate on academic when they were all boys or girls in the class compare together.     All in all,I whole heatedly believe that very first thing we should do now is to consider student's choice regarding school selection for the cornerstone of our bright future academic performance..
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