Why Bismark More Successful Than Revolutionaries

Topics: Prussia, German Empire, Germany Pages: 3 (1000 words) Published: April 25, 2011

All the German states were able to unify faster than Italy because a very strong German nationalism existed between them. Bismarck was able to bring this nationalism together and unify all states into a strong Germany. On the other side, the revolutionaries had many obstacles to be able to unite the Germans into one whole country. Bismarck was more successful than the revolutionaries for various reasons; including the 3 wars Prussia fought, his personality and the support he had from the Prussian king, William I.

One of the reasons why the revolutionaries were not as successful as Bismarck was because of the difference in religion, culture and on the ways Germany should be ruled. First of all, the north and the south of Germany had different religions: the north was Protestants and the south Catholics. This clash between religions made the unification of Germany more difficult. The difference in political ideas also made the revolutionaries weaker. There were two options for the unification of Germany: grossdeutschland and kleindeutschland. The difference was that grossdetuchland included Austria as a part of Germany and the other one rejected it. The dispute on whether Austria should belong to the German empire made the revolutionaries disagree on the territorial limits of Germany and the way it should have been ruled. This makes Bismarck more successful than the revolutionaries as the difference in opinion weakens them and gives Bismarck more opportunities to grow stronger and to have more power over decisions in political matters.

Another aspect that made the revolutionaries lose power was the Frankfurt assembly which was called in may 1848. This assembly has a lack of German support; no army, which made them weak; it had problems on establishing the constitution and the denial of the Prussian king to accept the crown. This was a very important factor making...
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