Why Being a Teen Isn't Easy

Topics: Adolescence, Sleep, English-language films Pages: 1 (468 words) Published: April 29, 2012
There are many reasons discussed on why being a teen is not easy. From the way it looks through a normal persons eye it would seem to any sane persone that being a teen is the coolest thing in the century. How many times have you heard someone saying "I can't wait to be a teen". Or when someone is about to turn 13 they say " omg im going to finaly be a teen". Mostly, the reason behind this thinking is that most kids think that when they become a teen they will have rights to more things, they feel grown up. They think everything they are doing is absolutely correct. They think they are old enough to go out on late nights with friends, slumber parties, staying over at another girls house, going to the mall unsupervised and things like that. They assume that they are now able to control themself. But, Being a teenager is hard, harder than some can imagine, harder than some can remember. It’s those years you’ll never forget though you sometimes wish you could wipe them away. They seem to last forever, but when you look back, they went by so fast. Being a teenager is , talking for hours on the phone to your best friends, being talked about and talking about others. It’s being guilty when you’re innocent, it’s standing out and fitting in. It’s when you have a million questions that will never be answered. Being a teenager isn’t something you can really describe, unless you’re living it at the time. It’s dealing with life when it crashes on you, and trying your hardest to live through it. Everyone has their tough times. Everyone goes through something, but being a teenager, that’s when you feel everything at once. When you like someone, you really like them, when you hate someone, you despise them, when you’re lonely, you’re miserable. Being a teenager is something you always have to go through, and it’s the best and worst years of your life. Being a teenager isn’t anything-it’s everything. It isn’t a big deal-it’s a HUGE deal. And while you’re being a teenager, you...
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