Why Be an Attorney

Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: November 16, 2010
Cynthia Sandoval
Period 5
March 21, 2010
¿Why be an attorney?
For someone to choose a career in law they probably have a pretty good reason. Their reason will most likely have something to do with the extremely good pay that they receive or what they are passionate about, arguing. One reason for wanting to be an attorney is the financial benefit of the pay that the attorney receives. Another reason for wanting to become a lawyer is to help those who have no one to count on, or depend on in their darkest moments. They join the field so they can help other people in tough situations. But one distinct reason for the desire to be an attorney is the desire to argue, and being someone who likes to persuade people into believing what they believe. Here you will see 3 really good reasons for why someone would want to be a lawyer like: money, helping others, and wanting to argue. For someone who wants to be a lawyer a really good reason for being that is how well they get paid. Attorneys can get paid anywhere from $30 to over $1000 an hour, of course depending on what kind of lawyer they are. Different kinds of attorneys differ from each other greatly. You could be putting a criminal in prison as a district attorney or helping a criminal to get out of jail by being a criminal defense attorney. They still defend two different people while making a vast amount of money. Of course no matter what a person’s reason for wanting to be a lawyer, they will always be interested in the money because if a person wants to help others then they would just volunteer, but who wants to just volunteer when they could be getting paid for it?

For people who are not as money greedy as others, being a lawyer is a rewarding career because they help others. For these people, helping others who have no one to help them is the greatest reward; the money is just a bonus. Some people have no one to talk to, so even talking to the person trying to get them out of jail, or for that...
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