Why Are You Study English?

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  • Published : December 29, 2012
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I think my essay really need grammar correcting and its extent's very poor. So could you please give me some suggestions? Thank you very much^^!

Nowadays, there are many people who want to learn English. Do you know the reason why English is widespread all over the world? First, English is taught and learned at every school: primary, secondary, high schools, colleges and universities... So if you want to have a good stydying result, you'll need to get high marks in English. Second, English's and important and international language for all of us. We can communicate with each other in English. It helps everybody understand each other better and brings the whole wide world closer. Third, there're many books which are written in English. So you need to know English in order to get new information and knowledge about art, science, technology, music, education, cars and so on... Forth, English is a living and working condition. We can't live in other countries such as German, Australia, Singapore...without knowing English. We need English for our jobs in the future.

So can you answer the question "What should we do to master English?" I can give you some suggestions. We must have confidence in ourselves . If you always think that you can learn English well, you can do it. And learning by heart all the new words, grammar and structures is also an effective way to study English. We need to do exercises at classes and at home, to. Being hard is the key to our successes. We must practise a lot in order to have writting, listening, reading and speaking skills. We ought to speak in English with our friends everyday and take to make a speech in the public. We should write diary, short stories and poems in English, too. These things can improve your vacabulary and writting skill. We also need to listen to English tapes. English songs do not only help us relax but also improve our listening. We should read English books and magazines on all subjects. English is an...
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