Why Are We Losing All Our Good People?

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  • Published : February 3, 2012
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Case Situation:
Sambian Partners is an architecture and engineering firm which believes in promoting an environment where the firm’s designers, engineers and client account managers collaborate to deliver top notch designs. The CEO believes Sambian Partners offer a good environment for its people to work and treat people right. The case describes how Sambian is facing a situation where its top talent is quitting. The CEO is surprised by these departures and is working with the firm’s human resource head to get to the root cause of these departures. The management wants to fix the root cause to stop this exodus. Key Players

Helen Gasbarian is the CEO of Sambian that her father founded in 1975. She took on the reins of firms after her father’s death. She is an award winning architect herself. She has been instrumental in creating an environment of collaboration between various teams in her company. Mary Donillo is the head of human resources at Sambian Partners. In this case Mary is playing the role of the trouble shooter for Helen to get to the bottom of the issue of employee departures. Other players mentioned in this case are Tom Forsythe, assistant director of commercial design who quits Sambian Partners to join their large competitor J&N. Bob Wortham, Vice President of Engineering who escalates the problem of potential loss of his employee to the CEO. Adrienne Perle is from engineering who may potentially quit and join Tom’s team at his new firm. Diagnosis of the Problem:

Sambian Partners as a firm is surely growing. It has opened offices in San Francisco, New York and London. This same firm is surely struggling with employee retention. It has already lost a few employees that were considered top talent in the firm. Though the reasons are varied, the bottom line remains the same, people are quitting Sambian Partners. The conversation during lunch in the kitchen gives interesting insight in the team’s perception of what possibly is not right in their...
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