Why Are Teens Attracted to Drinking?

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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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In today's society teenaged alcoholism is a very serious problem that needs to be addressed more in schools and in homes. Alcohol is a serious drug that can cause serious damage. The reason alcohol is considered a drug is because it has a very powerful addiction, in which people cannot overcome easily. Alcohol is an overwhelming substance that can and will affect the mind and the body. Some tragic effects of teenage alcoholism are diseases and disorders, family problems and last it alters your decision making skills,But why are teens attracted so much to drinking?

One of the main reasons why teenagers so attracted to drink is so they could be in on the crowd: Peer pressure. Many teenagers see drinking as a way to make friends and be involved in social activities . Teenagers who drink areusually the same teenagers who are popular on campus such as cheerleaders or varsity players . Hence , teenage drinking becomes associated with being cool and so teenagers become attracted to it . The National Institute on Alcohol abuse and Alcoholism reveal some shocking statistics such as that 20 of eight graders and 80 of high school seniors drink , and that 25 of all the alcohol sold in Australia are drunk by minors . Adults usually drink to ease work stress or socialize during important events but teenagers usually drink just to get drunk and so teenagers have a greater tendency to drink excessively.

If a young person is brought up in a household where drugs are discussed freely, are available or are seen as part of everyday life then they are at risk of developing an addiction.If you were growing up in a home where cigarettes, alcohol or drugs are not viewed as anything out of the ordinary then it is logical that you will see them in the same way.There are situations in which children and teenagers grow up in a house where drugs are being distributed and/or taken. If this is combined with what can only be described as a ‘chaotic’  lifestyle, possibly with poverty...
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