Why Are Some People Socially Excluded

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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Topic: Why are some people socially excluded? Are they excluded by society or by their own behaviour? Some people are socially excluded by the combination of their own behaviour and the society which will be explained below. It is however important, to understand what it is to be socially excluded. Macmillan dictionary define socially as an activities that involve being with other people especially for enjoyment, it also define exclusion as a situation in which someone is deliberately prevented from being involved in an activity or from entering a place. Therefore, from the above definition of both words (“socially and excluded”) i will then conclude saying socially excluded is a process of non-participation or deliberate preventing of someone or people from economic, civic and social norms that integrate and govern the society in which an individual resides specifically for enjoyment.

As i have said above, the following factors would show how the behaviour of some people can socially exclude them from some activities and the society placing some rules that can be socially excluded in nature.

Firstly, when some people takes to consumption of addictive drugs such as cocaine heroin and methadone can make them to experience high level of ill health and are therefore in many ways make them socially disadvantaged and potentially socially excluded. When they experience high level of ill health, they increase the risk of unemployment and economic inactivity and vice versa.

Secondly, labour market is central to social exclusion. Most importantly, lack of participation in the labour market is an important indicator of social exclusion. However, it is also more importantly drivers of other aspects of social exclusion. When they are unable to participate in labour market that means they are unemployed, and unemployment increase the risk of homelessness, while homelessness is a barrier to finding and keeping a job. You will then agree with me that there are some...
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