Why Are Some Organizations More Successful Than Others

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  • Published : January 16, 2012
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1. Why are some organizations more successful than others? Give a concrete example to demonstrate your point. In the business world as competitive as today, to outperform and maintain success is by no mean an easy job. While the secrets to success may vary among different organizations, and may have been modified and informed from different standpoint, the fundamentals remain essentially true. Most of the successful corporations share the same critical drivers for their business success: strategic vision of the business, leadership of the management team, innovation capability, spot-on position and marketing, consistent good quality of the products, just to name a few. One organization that clearly exemplifies this is Procter & Gamble. With a few annotations and comments, the core of them is outlined below: First, P&G boasts an enviable stable of successful products. With a clear focus to capture its market share, each brand distinguishes itself by delivering different values to customers, and the main claimed benefit are consistent with the product. The Tide brand, which is about strength, differs from the products which are mild and gentle, such as typical Ivory branded products. Secondly, the brands are constantly competing with each other and the products under each brand are competing with each other. P&G uses two Heavy Duty brands (Tide and Ariel), which even co-exist in a few markets, and has different brands across countries forming a global advantage. This enables the whole organization to remain innovative, to continually improve itself and to react better to the changing environment. Thirdly, P&G emphasizes innovation strategy. Driven by an efficient leadership team and the strategic vision of the business, senior managers create a positive climate and culture for innovation and entrepreneurship thorough out the organization. These are the main practices that separate P&G from the rest.

2. Explain each of the component...
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