Why Are Some Brands Successful?

Topics: Annie Leibovitz, Unilever Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Paulina Tulman
Why are some brands successful?
The main reason of setting up a company is to become successful. There are many different aspects of it: popularity of brand, high income, being a leader. But why some brands became successful and others did not? I want to show few important aspects to become successful on example of “Dove” brand ( part of Unilever company). In 2004 “Dove” revealed the results of global discussion about how women physically perceive their look. The study was based on data collected from a global survey of 3,200 women. It was their first step to become successful, they did a research, to get to know their target point of view and expectations. According to this test only 2% of women perceive themselves as beautiful, 5% as a pretty. The rest was unsatisfied with their look. It was so because society define a beauty by the images seen in TV, advertisement and fashion runways. In 2005 “Dove” began most famous campaign – “The Real Truth About Beauty”. In campaign “Dove” presented in commercial 6 different looking women. Tall, short, slim, chubby, in different age. Their goal was, to break up with stereotypes that every girl or woman should look like a model from magazine to feel good. Unilever received because of “Dove” campaign awards in every single category. But they received even more – the popularity and recognition of brand. It was so, because they know exactly how to position their brand. They knew how to be better than competitors, they didn’t focused in their commercials on perfect looking women. Their target was clear: every single women. The brand delivered the benefits customers desired, and what is more, they delivered a price which was aligned with the perception of customers. Almost every brand will fail quickly if it’s products or services are not aligned with the customer’s perception of value for it. “Unilever” noted down 26% higher income because of “The Real Truth About Beauty” campaign....
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