Why Are so Many People over the Age of Twenty-One Entering College?

Topics: Want, Education, Students Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Brittney Mitchell
Ms. Metoyer
English III
Period 6
February 15, 2013
My Favorite Teacher 2012-2013
Who is the best teacher of all times? On October 10, 2012 in my 6th period class it was a windy day and dark outside. I thought when I walk in this classroom I thought that it would be challenge for me. I thought that should I be in this classroom? I hope I pass this class, I realize that I don’t like my classmate that in here. When I walking in this classroom there were people that I knew in here like Paris, Lachasity and Aron. When I step in this teacher classroom I didn’t know what to expect from her. Once I began my journey in this teacher room and the way she carry herself I felt great in this classroom.

My first year here at Thurgood Marshall I didn’t know what I was getting into I didn’t like my freshmen teacher ms Mack, My sophomore year with ms Biddle was great I love her so much she could really be my grandmother. And now my junior year Ms. Metoyer is my favorite teacher for 2012-2013. The conversation that I remember was saying about how she expect her class to be, how she work, and she also let us know what she will be teaching this year. If you continue reading then you will find out.

The reason why Ms. Metoyer is my favorite teacher is because she is very concern about her students. when I first came to Ms. Metoyer class I did see a lot of stupid people that really don’t need to be in that class One when I was taking her exam I felt like I can pass her exam, but when I came to her she said, “No one pass my exam but one person I had to give 30 points”. I realize that I didn’t want to fail her class but when she told me that I start thanking her because I need that. I was thinking in my head that a lot of people need to change their schedule if they are not going to do any work.

Every since I have been going to school I hate ELA because the teachers was too mean. Some teachers do not know how to talk to people, my freshmen teacher Mrs....
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