Why Are More Standing Tickets Sold Than Sitting Tickets at Pop Concerts?

Topics: Economics, Debut albums, Money Pages: 2 (436 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Mariia Voinova 10A

Why are more standing tickets sold than sitting tickets at pop concerts?

I chose this question, because I really love to go to different concerts, especially pop concerts. I discovered that a lot of people prefer to buy standing tickets instead of seated tickets. At pop concerts there are just young people and they prefer to stand. They prefer standing tickets because they are cheaper than sitting tickets and they can save their money. This is because, according to economic theory, people want to save money as much as at possible and they will choose the cheapest tickets. Also, if you are standing you have more fun, than people, who are sitting. You can move, dance, and shout with your friends. People will have more fun, and they will tell about this concert to their friends and next time more people will go to concert. Sitting place takes up more space than standing tickets. That means that businesses will earn more money if they will sell standing places. Therefore according the economic theory, businesses want to make as bigger profit as at possible and don’t want to spend money, but for sitting tickets they should buy chairs, pay to the company which will deliver them etc. That’s why for them is much better to sell standing tickets. If you are buying standing tickets that mean that you will be closer to stage and you will have more fun. Also an artist will be closer to you. Example:

| Sitting| Standing|
places| 400, 30€ per ticket | 700, 20€ per ticket| Merchandise1| 30€| 30€|

1 merchandise is things like posters, t-shirts, concert programs, food and drinks etc. TOTAL:
Sitting places= 2400€
Standing places= 3500€
In my example I imagine that there is a concert in the night club. Businessmen are thinking what better to make: standing tickets or sittings tickets. On this table above we can see that they...
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