Why Are Men Willing to Give Up Their Freedom?

Topics: 2002 albums, Man, Protection Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: April 8, 2011
Why are men willing to give up their freedom?

Why would men be willing to give up their freedom? At this time, men were in a state of nature where they were all Kings and lords over their property. They were free and had absolute power of all their persons and possessions. But with this power, their satisfaction of these rights were very unsafe and very unsecure. Their freedom, just like every other mans was not promised and was full of dangers. This leads man to be willing to join a society for the better. Man would give up their natural liberty and freedom to acquire a comfortable, safe, and peaceful place of living among each other. Along with these promises, they would have protection over their property. 'Man seeks out to join in society with others who are already united or have a mind to unite for the mutual preservation of their lives, liberties, and estates which is called the general name property.' By the consent of every individual , they make a community, run by the determination of the majority. The thought is that the powered would be empowered to act by positive laws. Since the majority ruled the choices of the society, no one saw any danger in joining; they would all get a say in their 'partial freedom'. The conclusion to man giving up their freedom is indeed to preserve their property. Property was very important to the people in this time and keeping it safe was a big concern. Men wanted to feel that their slaves as well as their land would not be taken away. By joining the society and uniting with others, they saw that the need to defend their land was no longer necessary. Locke clearly saw the reasons for why a man would give up his freedom; to feel secure, to live in peace and mainly to have their property protected and secured.

I agree with Locke's views on why men are willing to give up their freedom. In today's time we are all run by a government or a source of power. We all constantly seek protection from all...
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