Why Are Epidemiologists Sometimes Interested in Epizootics?

Topics: Epidemiology, Infectious disease, Health Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: June 20, 2012
Epidemiologists are people that go to school and study science and graduate with a bachelor’s degree. They then go on to complete there degree or PhD in epidemiology. With this degree they study the patterns of diseases or health risk within a population group, society, and or a culture. Their goal is to reduce public risk so they look at how a certain disease affects a certain population or how a virus is only in a certain geographical location. They may only track one kind of disease or virus or they may track many. Epidemiologist do not only track medical diseases or viruses they also research what health risk can occur from a person being in a car crash or other injuries they may have occurred.

As an epidemiologist there are many things that they can specialize in. For example they might only study cancer, pandemics, reproduction, or nutrition (Ellis-Christensen, 2012). In the world epidemiologist are very valuable in every field they choose to follow because there are so many risks in human health. Every epidemiologist has a great effect through their work with reducing health risks and helping to identify causal factors for disease or injury.

I have been dealing with reproductive epidemiology in my own life. Reproductive epidemiology covers broad reproductive health issues from the pre-conception, prenatal, delivery and post-natal periods and emphasizes health issues affecting both women and infants. They also explore the range of methodologies used to collect data and conduct analysis on the distribution and determinants of reproductive-related health states or events in human populations (Merrill, 2010). I have been doing research on everything that they do and the things they can do are amazing. They one I have been seeing for fertility treatment is very talented.

Because epidemiologist have to do all research on what could be causing a humans disease or disorder they are sometimes interested in epizootics. Just as people do plants and animals...
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