Why Are Companies Like Chrysler Now Looking More Favourably at the Internet as a Great Medium for Their Advertising Dollars? What Has Happen to Change Their View?

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Chrysler Pages: 3 (964 words) Published: April 5, 2011
Why are companies like Chrysler now looking more favourably at the internet as a great medium for their advertising dollars? What has happened to change their view?


Nowadays the internet can help to earn more the money. Market research shows out most people are likely to buy when seeing the internet advertising, and hence more companies is looking for more opportunities by using the internet advertising to make the product to gain higher popularity rate. (Internet advertising targeted, 2010). Programs like Google and Yahoo are now very famous in internet as engine for searching. Forget the costly machine-gun strategy of newspaper advertisements, internet advertising is targeted. For examples Chrysler, it looks more favourably on the internet for their advertising dollars. It is due to the internet is capable of remaining existing customers and attracting new customers.

Chrysler is now listed as third largest company in the U.S in recent years. At the June 1925, it was founded by Walter Chrysler. Chrysler groups are separated into three global brands which are Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep (Chrysler Corporation, 2010). Chrysler was first organized in the Chrysler group. It faced decent of financial difficulties in the year of 1970’s due to oil crisis in 1973s as well as the project given by government. The U.S government uses 1.5 million in loan guarantee to avoid the bankrupt (Chrysler History, 2010).

At started, Chrysler tends in advertising in television and just 30 percent in internet advertising. However, the internet advertising respond is far better than television advertising. The market competitive is higher, so several years; they try to improve efficiency and respond of the content in the web. Therefore, they made their mind and planned to provide a wealth of information and functionality (A Short History, 2010).

As an internet, the Chrysler group makes the internet advertising as a one main marketing. The director of Chrysler says...
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