Why Are Apple Products so Popular?

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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ESL0420Advanced Writing
Analysis Paper
Le Han leh@mtu.edu
Mar 5th, 2013

Why are Apple Products so Popular?

In today's world, Apple's products are highly sought after because they are very popular for everyone. According to Yarow,editor of The Business Insider,said that the newest iPhone sold 5 million over the opening weekend (Yarow, 2012). However, it is difficult to find the reason why Apple’s products are so superior compared with other electronic products in the market. Since Apple’s products come out in our life, it has facilitated our life and brought us huge benefits. For instance, people do not need to bring their heavy laptops to go to work every day, because they already have the portable tablet PC - iPad. The ascent of Apple’s products are presented in front of everyone, it is due to Apple’s product having a creative design, unique innovation and the reasonable price. To begin with, if people want to know why Apple’s products are so popular in the recent years, one of the answers is the design of the product is very important. By comparison with other electronic products, the apple’s product is always the most aesthetic appearance of electronic products on the market. For example, the newest MacBook Air design reached unbelievably thin and light, but it still retains the Apple computer powerful, durable, capable and enjoyable to use features. On the contrary, the traditional design laptop focus on the hardware upgrade rather than the appearance of product, so the monotonous design of the traditional electronic product makes the consumer feel visual fatigue and not portable. When MacBook Air appeared on the scene, people felt that Apple’s products are so distinctive and unique; because never has a computer company can make their laptop’s thickness less than an inch thin, and has simple designs at the same time. This led Apple’s products directly to be bestselling on the whole electronic market. The same was true of the latest iMac, its desktop...
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