Why Appraisal Systems Are Ineffective

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  • Published : November 29, 2008
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Why Appraisal Systems Are IneffectiveWhy Appraisal Systems Are Ineffective

Inadequate preparation on the part of the manager:
The manager is not willing or is not fully aware of the importance of performance appraisal. So he does not give performance appraisal its due importance. This may also be due considering it as unimportant or treating it as a ‘necessary evil’.

Employee is not given clear objectives at the beginning of performance period: At the beginning of appraisal period the employee is not provided with the objectives to be attained in clear & specific terms. So, if you have no destination to achieve it is impossible to achieve it.

Manager may not be able to observe performance or have all the information: The manager may not have there opportunity & adequate time to observe the performance of the employee being appraised.

Performance standards may not be clear:
The expected level of performance was not communicated to the employee before the inception of appraisal period.

Inconsistency in ratings among supervisors or other raters The rating of supervisor and other rater may rate on different traits & what may be important to one may not be important to other.

Rating personality rather than performance
The person appraising may be rating a person may be assessing him/her on his impersonal, intelligence, relation with the person.

The halo effect, contrast effect, or some other perceptual bias The person should not be graded under the influence of a single dominating trait, or due to inappropriate Inappropriate time span (too short or too long)

Overemphasis on uncharacteristic performance

Inflated ratings because managers do not want to deal with “bad news”

Subjective or vague language in written appraisals

Organizational politics or personal relationships cloud judgments

No thorough discussion of causes of performance problems

Manager may not be trained at evaluation or giving...
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