Why Anime Should Be a Part of Education

Topics: Anime, Manga, Japan Pages: 3 (1126 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Why anime should be a part of education
Woodlawn is one of the few schools which have, for the first time, brought anime into education and the result was a success. “Each year, seventh graders at Woodlawn School in Davidson, North Carolina, learn about Japan through a compilation of literature, history, and art”(Ruble, Lysen, 2010). According to Ruble, a science and language arts teacher, and Lysne, an art history and science teacher, this was possible from watching anime. Although their work is based mostly on the environmental aspect of integrating anime into education, they make a valid argument on how learning about Japanese culture through anime will improve their way of thinking of students and mature their decision making. She also points out how the students build up social relationships since they talk and work on a common interest with their peers. Apart from the culture and the social relationship aspect that animeimproves, it also improves the creativity and skills for students interested in art. It unlocks a wider perspective for the generation of creative ideas for artists due to its revolutionary art - viewing humans in a much better and fascinating way starting from the huge round eyes to the long colorful hair and perfect physique. Therefore we can claim that due to the advancement of anime and its increasing popularity it should be included in education because it is good for international studies as one can learn about the Japanese culture and language, better for art history since the art is revolutionary, very influential and unique, and best for learning social skills and social interactions among peers. Japanese culture in anime:

According to research the anime industry began after the World War 2 when the Americans brought comics to Japan. The Japanese artists were inspired by the comics and the cartoons produced by Disney and started producing their own (Hernandez, 2005). Not only did they come up with interesting stories, they also...
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