Why, and with What Results, Was the First World War Not Confined to Europe?

Topics: World War I, United States, World War II Pages: 2 (594 words) Published: February 14, 2012
Why, and with what results, was the First World War not confined to Europe?
There is not one apparent reason for the cause of the First World War. However, the First World War was initially started within Europe and surrounding areas around it. One can say that the war was not totally within it the boundaries. There were countries outside of Europe like Africa, Asia, Japan and the United States of America that made a major contribution to it as well. The countries outside of Europe were having battles within their country’s and allies. Causes include but were not limited to one individual factor, ideals like nationalism, imperialism and militarism. In addition, the major alliance structures of Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia immensely affected the start of the war.

During the 19th century each country wanted to affirm their country as the greatest. This idea spread all across Europe with the belief of taking care of your country own first. Each country carried their country on a pedestal and became obsessive nationalist that set out to have their country be the richest and greatest. The wave of pride surpassed all expectations and in turns caused a major problem for Austria-Hungary and Serbia.

With Europe’s self made power, they attempted to force their country’s beliefs on other countries. This form of Imperialism caused resistance and rivalry. Some of the first known clashes of the war involved British, French and German colonial forces in Africa. As a matter of fact, On August 7th, French and British troops invaded the territory of German’s Togoland. Then, On August 10th, the German forces in South-West Africa sporadically attacked South Africa with fierce fighting that continued throughout the rest of the war. The German colonial force in German East Africa was led by Colonel Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck. They fought a guerrilla warfare campaign during World War I. This part of the war proves that the war was...
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