Why and How I Wish to Develop Further as a Teacher

Topics: Teaching English as a foreign language, Teacher, English language Pages: 4 (1196 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Please Briefly Write About Why You Want to Follow the Celta Course and Why You Think You Would Be Suited to a Career in Teaching English. Pursuing the CELTA course will enable me to become a certified teacher of the English Language along with it being a starting point of a long term career in teaching English TEFL. The CELTA qualification, widely recognised in the international field of English teaching is a definite way to meet the growing 2 billion people learning the language for reasons of their own. It is also a passport to teaching overseas coupled with travelling and developing new skills. Enhancing my chances of becoming more marketable, increasing my confidence as a teacher and providing me with a range of ideas on how to teach and not to teach English are also my reasons for engaging in the CELTA course. Why would I be suited to a career in teaching English? The English language fascinates me. It has always been my favourite subject in school and I chose it as one of my double majors for my Bachelors Degree at University. Speaking, reading and writing in English is something that I am passionate about and find great satisfaction indulging in. I am committed to teaching English having taught it at high school level for several years in my country of origin. More importantly, having been a Positive Mental Attitude Trainer, I have through the years developed the ability to identify the positives in every negative situation, be creative, inspirational, passionate, have a sense of humour and empathise with my students. Qualities that I know, are suitable to a career in teaching English I believe that I can undertake the tasks of the course requirements and that I am well suited for a teaching career because of my life experience, my previous work as an ESL teacher, my own experience learning English as a second language when I was younger, and my ability to relate to the students’ difficulties.

However, especially when it comes to lesson planning, I feel...
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