Why and How to Handle Procrastination?

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Why and how to handle procrastination?
What is procrastination, why people tend to procrastinate and how to overcome this habit?      In situations in which you catch yourself putting off difficult tasks your behavior can be specified as procrastination. What you have to do to deal with it? Realizing is the first step to change. Understanding is the second. Adopting an appropriate strategy of actions is the third.       If you would like to know whether you belong to the group of the so called trait procrastinators evaluate yourself using the General Procrastination Scale created by Clarry Lay, PhD of psychology at York University in Toronto.       Another professor, dedicated to studying procrastination - Joseph Ferrari, says to his students:  “Life is short. If you’re healthy, you have 70, maybe 80 years to live on this earth. How are you going to leave a legacy? What is going to make the world different and better because you were here? I like to tell my students that only 30% of this country and 7% of people in the world have a college degree; what a gift you have been given! The students of today have to focus on solutions to make the world better: Students are the solution. So, don’t procrastinate!”      Robin Sharma, one of the world’s premier thinkers on leadership, personal growth and life management, reveals 5 powerful tools that he has implemented in his life to tackle with procrastination:      1. Create a magnificent obsession statement & a dream collage. First write a statement of what you want to achieve on a little card and read it twice a day - straight after you wake up and before you go to sleep. Then gather all the images of your ideal life and glue them in your journal - dream big. The subconscious mind runs 95% of your life and it operates through repetitive actions, visualization and pictures.      2. Go on a 30 days procrastination diet. Pick one thing each day that you’ve been resisting-it can be as little as making up your bed. For...
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