Why Ancient Egypt Was Remembered

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Egypt Pages: 1 (424 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Why ancient Egypt was remembered
Ancient Egypt was mostly remembered from the buildings, language, pharaohs and statues. They were remembered for other things too like art, tombs and clothing. Buildings were probably the thing why they were remembered so much. The buildings are still standing and look amazing. Some people even tell stories about the temples as if the temples were cursed. A pharaoh was famous and remembered because he made a building that looked like himself. The pharaohs were remembered by some people because they were a king. That’s how some people know how ancient Egypt was ruled and all that stuff. They sometimes put on an ancient Egyptian movie for them to see the history. People were mostly slaves to build the buildings. Ancient Egypt is also very significant to Christians and strongly features in the book of Exodus in the Bible. The Bible is the largest selling book in the world. In pyramids and tombs there are coffins and ancient Egyptian language. Their language is still around and if you saw the carvings of ancient Egyptian symbols (writing) you would know that, that is Egyptian writing. Their language wasn’t written up in letters it was written up in symbols. The symbols were mostly drawn up in wiggly lines, an eye or birds. More meant bad things than good things. People right know also take the ancient Egyptian writing as a piece of art. Some of the tombs had gold but most of the tombs just had berried bodies and coffins. Tombs are remembered because of what’s found in there or what body. The ancient Egypt art was remembered for Egypt very well. The Egyptians loved art it was probably their favourite hobby. They did art for everything from writings, coffins, baskets, buildings, clothing and carvings and on the walls. Their art is so popular that it is even in museums and art galleries. Most of their art is carved on a wall that is in a tomb, pyramids or some other buildings but it’s not a plain picture their art carvings tell...
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