Why Americans Should Not Use Credit Cards Outline

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  • Published : April 19, 2011
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Cavelia Duvall
Composition and Communications Two
Week 3 Assignment 3
April 16, 2011

Persuasive Essay Outline

The Goal of my Paper is to Convince, and Persuade, and Catch the Reader's Attention from Beginning to the End, by using Research Information, Sources, Proof, and Evidence, that my Point of view is Valid, Agreeable, and makes Perfect Since to the Reader. I am Arguing against the Topic "Most Americans should not use Credit Cards", and my Point of View will Prove, that Credit Cards should not only be not used, by some Americans, but all Americans not just some, and People all Around the World, and that a Prepaid Debit Bank Card is much Safer,and the Best Solution. I will also prove that Credit Cards are not just located in America, but all around the World as well. The Steps I will take to achieve the Goal of my Paper would be to make Sure I start off with a Strong Introductory Paragraph that will catch the Reader's Attention of what my Essay will cover for Example: the Topic is "Most Americans should not use Credit Cards". I would Introduce this Topic with an Interesting Fact, by saying: " did you know, that People all around the World are in Debt, and that the Main cause of Debt is from Credit Cards?". After I Capture the Reader's Attention with the Introduction, I will follow up with the Thesis Statement, by Adding a Fact that the Reader may have not know before about Credit Cards for Example: "did you know that Credit Card Debt Plays a Major role on why the Economy is bad, and why People are Losing their Businesses?, which will Start off like this: Americans are not the only Ones, who should not use Credit Cards, because it can put them in Serious Debt, that will take forever to get out of, and Cause Serious Financial Issues, and then I will prove with Evidence, that Prepaid Bank Cards are much Safer, and they are way Different, and Better than a Credit Card. After I am Finished...
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