Why America Should Imperialize the Phillipines

Topics: United States, Philippines, Spain Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Ripe for the Picking
America, the nation that has been the proof of a working democracy, is currently engaged in a war with the Spanish in the Pacific islands of the Philippines. The Philippines have been oppressed by the Spanish for decades so it is time for America, who has been ravaging this country with war, to assist the Filipino people in rebuilding their nation into a powerful presence in the pacific. Taking control of this country is also quite beneficial to the United states government too. The United States should continue to expand to the Philippines to help assist them politically by setting up a democracy, help bring on social reforms, and reap economic benefits of the raw materials and a new market.

The Spanish have been a monarchy enforcing their laws and customs upon their colonies since the fifteenth century, so the United States should come to the aid of the filipino people by assisting in setting up a democratic government. Recently, America assisted in liberated the island nation of Cuba from spanish rule. The Cubans were tired of the unfair taxation inforced by the Spanish, as well as having no say in the way they are governed. If the Cubans felt this way about the Spanish, the Filipino people have similar feelings about the Spanish rule. The Spanish monarchy is a in complete control of the Philippines and as the proponent of democracy it is the American duty to share this wonderful political gift with nations that are deprived of their natural right to choose how their lands are governed. Recently, the United States government has been an ambassador of democracy in the the Dominican Republic. This country attempted to bring itself out of a tyrannical government on their own, but their effort was futile. The United States took over the Dominican’s government for a short period of time to help assist them in establishing a democracy. The United States has the ability to bring the most modern and socially responsible form of government to...
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