Why Aliens Exist

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  • Published : July 1, 2007
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Why Aliens Exist
University of Phoenix
Erick F. Martinez
SOC/ 315
Timothy Emerick, Ph.D.
April 12th, 2006

Aliens: ET's in Our Past?
In this report, our group will try to explain the possibility of why aliens exist. Many of the world's cultures and civilizations have had stories about fantastic beings from the sky that may have interacted with our ancient ancestors. These beings were regarded as Gods, magical creatures and myths. Where these ancients the archetypes of what we in the modern world consider the basis of our religious beliefs and myths or just advanced peoples from other worlds who visited our ancestors in the distant past and taught those pre history cultures the tenets of civilization, religion and technology? Just as we have advanced our tenets of our civilization, what is to say that our modern beliefs and technologies were not show or given to us by these advanced beings in the distant past. According to Paul Von Ward, researcher and author of "Gods, Gene and Consciousness: The Case for Nonhuman Intervention throughout the Ages", believes that Advanced Beings not only taught us our civilization, but also mated with our ancestors to advance the development of our species. The idea that ancient beings interacted with early humans is reflected in the ancient world's tombs, religions and artifacts found in many parts of the world today. Aliens: Mysteries and Clues and Wisdom

In today's world, humanity has many examples of possible aliens or advance beings influence on our species. According to the online article from ThothWeb called "Ancient Astronauts-The Search for the Truth", advance beings or aliens had many interactions with early humanity and there are remnants that have been found in tombs from Egypt to the jungles of South America. These clues such as the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs or the Sumerian cuneiform writings, all share a common story about beings from the sky, which were acknowledged as Gods. These Gods described...
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