Why Africa Is Poor

Topics: Africa, Poverty, Human Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: November 7, 2011
Poverty could say to be the deficiency of common things of life such as shelter, food, safe drinking water, clothing, security, and lack of opportunities and access to education and employment - all of which determine quality of human life. The under listed causes of poverty are not exhaustive but limited reflective of priority to Africa’s development. These causes of poverty if positively eradicated can collectively leap the continent to its dream of development that sustains transparent and purposeful leadership. First, bad governance and political instability have been laudably stated to be at the core of Africa’s underdevelopment. Corrupt and dictatorial leadership has become a model of character in African nations. There is no auguring the fact that in largest measure, good governance leads to political stability and economic growth, which enhances sustainable development and wellness of life of the ordinary folks. In stable political environment investment opportunities are created and increased as investors, both local and foreign, are reassured of security of lives and investment. The perceived security threat that has bedeviled African nations in the past four decades has resulted in incursion of the military in politics, excessive public looting and huge spending on military wares at the expense of social services that enhance worth of human life. Consequently, the erosion of rule of law becomes evident of Africa’s decaying societies. Closely associated with political instability are inherent ethnic and tribal conflicts in African nations. The importance of this factor cannot be undermined in the determination of economic and social growth. Over the decades ethnic and tribal polarization, spearheaded by political dissidents in Africa have taken advantage of political instability to cause mayhem in their nations and to their people. This has caused tensions, violence and armed conflicts that in most cases have led to civil wars. Recurring episode of...
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