Why Adolescence is the Most Unhappy Time in People's Lives

Topics: Childhood, Puberty, Time Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Adolescence is the unhappiest time in most people's lives!

  Just like every period of life, being adolescent can be a pretty rough time. Some people says it is the unhappiest time, while other say it is the happiest time in our life.

  The major advantage of being adolescent is the fact that we are growing up and we are progressing in physical and mental way. We develop ourselves in the better and more considerated young people. As we are getting older, we are more ambitious about our future. For example, everyone of us is trying to get in the colledge we want and succeed in it.

  On the other hand, there are many bad sides of being adolescent. For instance, no one take us seriously and mature for making our decisions on our own. Like, no one trust us. They all think we are still children with no responsibility. Secondly, we are all responsible for every act we made and we are taking consequences on our own. For example, if we steal something, we can get punished or even worse. It can be togh right? Thirdly, adolescence is the period of life when little problem seems like a big one.

  In conclusion, though adolescence can be a good and happy time, especially in our developing period, it could also have a lot of minuses. In my opinion, the biggest argument against adolescence is that we are still naive and acting like kids in some situations. Despite all of that, it is the best period in my life, it is UNDOUBTEDLY.
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