Why, According to Secularization Theory, Is Modernity Bound to Undermine Religion? How Far Do You Think It Has Done so in Practice? Provide Examples from the Uk and Other Countries Using the Course Introduction.

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  • Published : May 27, 2012
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AD317, TMA01

Why, according to secularization theory, is modernity bound to undermine religion? How far do you think it has done so in practice? Provide examples from the UK and other countries using the Course Introduction.

Secularisation has many levels of meaning in theory and in the historical processes This essay will briefly define how advocates of secularization theory defined the concept of secularisation. Then will explain how social changes in different countries associated with process of modernisation are said to cause secularisation. The second part of the essay will consider different points of view on religion using example Princess Diana, Sweden and Egypt .

Secularisation is concerned with the role of religion in society rather than religion itself (Wilson cited in Bowman et al, 2009, p73). It can also be described as a process where religion loses its place in society. Wilson defines secularisation as that ‘process where religious institutions, actions and consciousness lose their social significance ’ (Wilson, cited in Bowman et al, 2009, p.73). On the other hand the sociologist of religion Steve Bruce admits that people still experience practical problems and desire answers to metaphysical questions, he does not see this as a threat to secularisation (Brucce, cited in Bowman et al, 2009, p.73)

According to the secularization theory, religion declines as a result of the process of modernization (Bowman et al, 2009, p.81) this is because of the social differentiation, societalisation and rationalisation (Waillis and Bruce, 1992, p.8). Globalisation has been defined as the global spread of modernization (Beayer 1994, cited in Bowman et al, 2009, p.82). Modernisation is used to refer to the process of social transformation involving industrialisation, urbanisation, expansion of the role of the state, development of global capitalism and mass of education. It is basically a process where society ^ moving from evolutionary role...
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