Why Academic Wring Is Different Fom Other Uses of English

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Academic writing is employed when writing text in school and other formal organizations. It requires a specific formal structure that makes it unique. It is also important to use standard english. It is concise, simple and straight to the point. It usually focuses on an idea which can then be expanded to or explained in more detail. Academic writing should be independent, objective, comprehensive, and critical. It is very important to note punctuation marks and insert them appropriately. Whereas other styles of writing do not require any of such rules above, they are flexible and can be written in a form the author sees fit.

Writing academically is usually intended for literate and informed audience. The information written is based on careful research and deductive reasoning on the topic so that there is evidence supporting your claim. The ideas should be comprehensible and easy to decipher. Unlike other forms of english, which is written for everybody, is structured and written carefully.

Formal standard english is the only language allowed to be used in the academic style of writing. Informal aspects of english must be avoided to fully differentiate between academic standards and other forms of english. Academic writers are encouraged to write everything in its full form, avoid unnecessary abbreviations and the use of personal language. Grammar is also very important when writing academically.

Academic writing basically requires a person to write complete sentences, starting each one with a capital letter and not using slangs. The writer should also be able to use complete homophones which are often confused example is 'their' and 'there'. Being able to write correctly the commonly misspelled words using standard english. Writers must also be able to create a paragraph starting with a topic sentence.

In conclusion, other forms of english are usually informal and grammar rules do...
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