Why Abraham Lincoln Won the Election

Topics: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War, United States presidential election, 1860 Pages: 3 (848 words) Published: November 18, 2012
Viniqua Cook
Ms. Williams
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30 April 2012
Why Abraham Lincoln Won the Election of 1860
The Election of 1860 was an interesting election because it split the nation in two and showed how divided America could get. Likewise, it was the last election before the Civil War and it was the first Republican victory. Abraham Lincoln, better known as Honest Abe, is mostly remembered for freeing slaves and of course, his top hat. On the other hand, Stephen A. Douglas is known as the Little Giant because of his political power and short stature. On November 5, 1860, Abraham Lincoln won the 16th Presidential election against Stephen A. Douglas for numerous reasons. Lincoln wants to free slaves and his debates, but what really helped him win is that the Democratic Party was divided. Abraham Lincoln won the election because he opposed slavery and wanted them free. In 1854, Lincoln came into politics soon after the Kansas-Nebraska Act was passed. The U.S. Congress passed the Kansas-Nebraska Act on May 30, 1854. It allowed people in the territories of Kansas and Nebraska to decide for themselves whether or not to allow slavery within their borders (Foner 481). Soon after, people for slavery and people against slavery swarmed into Kansas and started fighting over the land, which gave Kansas the nickname, Bleeding Kansas (Foner 486). The act also disturbed Lincoln by paving the way for extension of slavery, a prospect he had long opposed. February 27, 1860, Lincoln made a famous speech in Manhattan, New York on his views of slavery. The speech was called the Cooper Union Speech and it consisted of three major parts (enotes.com). The first part concerns the founders and the legal positions they supported on the question of slavery in the territories. The second part is addressed to the voters of the southern states, clarifying the issues between Republicans and Democrats, arguing that the Republican position on slavery is the 'conservative' policy. The final section is...
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