Whose American Dream?

Topics: Writing, Anya Kamenetz, United States Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: November 23, 2011
“Whose American dream is it anyways?” essay

Whose American dream is it anyways, is a non-fiction text written by Anya Kamenetz. The text tells about the current situation the American population is in. The text is negative, because it tells about the problems that America is facing at the moment. In the text she wants to find out if the American dream still lives in an American and whose American dream it actually is. Throughout the text she uses arguments based on logos, pathos and egos. The first thing in the text that would interact with my emotions is when she writes: “so for those of you, like me, hope to be living another 60, 70 or 80 years in this unique nation, it might be time to ask: what is out American dream?” Right there she uses an argument based on pathos which is an argument that appeals to our feelings. The text is written to inform the American citizens about some of the big problems that they have to do something about. The writer of the text, Anya Kamenetz, is facing a big challenge in the text, because she want to make people change, but people do not usually change in one moment. In the text, all the information she writes about, is provided by a reporter called David Lynch. He is also worried about the future America and has done a lot of research. Some of his research is eye opening and that’s why she uses it. The text has a lot of long sentences with a lot of information and you could easily mix up the numbers you are told and connect them to the wrong thing. The fact that it is long sentences is because we get so much information in each one of them. After using all the information that she has got, she starts to write about the younger generation. The younger generation is the one who will have to fix the current problems in America, so she is reaching out to them. There is one other example where she uses pathos arguments again, but in a good way. She writes: “these are scary times. But after hurricane Katrina hit my hometown of...
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