Whos to Blame Fast Food or the Buyers

Topics: Fast food restaurant, Nutrition, Hamburger Pages: 4 (1279 words) Published: November 28, 2010
Argument Essay (fast food health concerns)
June 2, 2010

Who’s to Blame?
Who is responsible for the poor health of the overweight and those who consumer to much fast food items such as McDonalds, Burger King, Burgerville, and Jack in the Box and many more fast food chains? Are we to blame the restaurants, or the individuals who buy the unhealthy food? It raises the question that Shakespeare once wrote, “To be or Not to be” (fat) that is the question. On a percentage scale of one threw one hundred, companies are to be blamed forty percent, while the consumer is responsible for the remaining sixty percent. Living in America, and many other free countries in the world, consumers have a choice to eat where they would like, what they like to eat, and however much as they like and if they would like to supersize their fries and soda for more food that equal more calories. Because of choice the rest gives us the power to be able to pick and choose what we want to eat, companies are in a constant battle to win over the consumer’s money, using various methods of advertisement which promise exclusive offers, promotions and giveaways. Today, at most fast food restaurants “healthy” options are available, but are not always the best choice. And today’s law requires the restaurants to put up calories for each meal, but does that mean it still prompts people to pick the healthier food item on the menu? It is Pine 2

up to the consumer to investigate what is best for them, but almost seventy five percent of the customers will not even look at the menu, and many won’t even notice the new calorie listing’s on the menu.

At McDonalds, a toy is offered with a child’s meal called the Happy Meal, which catches the child’s attention, who would want to order the meal because of the toy inside. And most of the time the toy in the happy meal reflex’s off a new children’s movie and this makes the child want the happy meal more. Until recently, the Happy Meal...
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