Whole Foods Job Structure

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  • Published: July 17, 2011
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Whole Foods Job Structure

Evaluation of Jobs and Job Structure at Whole Foods
When beginning the evaluation process for Whole Foods it becomes essential to first look into the culture of Whole Foods. Whole Foods breaks down the store operations into “teams” and these teams are grouped by which departments the team members work. These teams aren’t just a result of the departments that exist within all retail markets, rather each team member is responsible for ensuring that the operation of the team runs smoothly and is profitable to not only the team but also the store, the organization, and the community it operates within. Each team functions on its own and as a part of the bigger team, which is the store. At the store level Whole Foods has the following store teams: 1. Bakery

2. Customer Service: cashiers and concierge
3. Facilities: store maintenance and janitorial staff
4. Floral
5. Grocery: dairy, frozen prepackaged foods, dry goods
6. Meat
7. Prepared Foods: deli
8. Produce: fruits and vegetables
9. Seafood
10. Specialty: cheese, alcohol, and may include coffee, chocolate and charcuterie 11. Whole Body: health and wellness products (Whole Foods, 2011). They also have the following team members:

1. Store Team Leaders
2. Associate Store Team Leaders
3. Specialized Store Support – office positions (human resources, accounting, IT) 4. Department Team Leaders
5. Associate Team Leaders
6. Specialized Team Members – receiving, supervisors, chefs, estheticians, buyers 7. Team Members (Whole Foods, 2011)
Determination of the job titles based upon the information supplied is as follows: 1. Job A – Prepared Foods Team Member, Customer Service Clerk 2. Job B – Customer Service Team Member, Cashier

3. Job C – Prepared Foods Department Team Leader
4. Job D – Prepared Foods Specialized Team Member, Night Supervisor 5. Job E – Prepared Foods Team Member, Kitchen Helper
6. Job F –...
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