Who I Am Sexually

Topics: Love, Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior Pages: 3 (1394 words) Published: September 2, 2008
When I was nine years old, I looked through my parent’s bedrooms keyhole because I was curious about the weird noise coming out of there. What I saw didn’t shock me one bit due to growing up with two brothers and three sisters who had prepared me for situations like this. My parents are very sexual and most of my culture supports a liberal way of thinking. Therefore, my background, childhood, and where I grew up plays an important role in my sexual development, my views and believes. People have always told me my puberty started when I was three years of age. They described me as different, just because I had a unique view of things. In kindergarten, my teacher noticed me flirting with guys and when I was alone I started playing with myself and discovering new aspects of my body, even so I didn’t know what I was doing. All this, I realize now, was my parents’ fault. It was normal for me to enter the dinning room in the morning and finding my parents cuddling and feeding each other. Even so they are high class, they never let anybody influence their way of expressing their love. Sometimes I was embarrassed when they were making out in public and relatives or friends made some kind of comment because they were more conservative or offended. But thinking about them in a psychological way, I can clearly see where they are coming from. Both were married before and my dads’ wife turned out to be a lesbian who didn’t want to sleep with him at the end of their relationship and my mums’ husband was lazy, quit his job and gained lots of weight. After being unhappy for a long time, they finally met at a work related conference and started seeing each other on a regular basis. When I read their folders full of love letters I can imagine how they created there own little world, trying to run away from their day-to-day life they hated so much. Everybody was surprised when they got divorced, bought a big house in another city and started all over again without any money and...
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