Who I Am as a Writer

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  • Published : January 23, 2013
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As a writer, I have always tried to keep at least one goal in mind to make on paper as close as

possible to what I was thinking. Ever since I was in school, I do my best work with using computer

technology to do my writing or typing. Writing is a time for me to be real and arrange my thoughts, as I

assimilate my own ideas. It's a time when I can be me and appreciate every moment. Writing is a

freedom of expression. It is beauty and truth, a way for me to understand my thoughts. I write when I

am sad and when I'm happy, because it can be my own thoughts, it's personal and real. When I write,

I'm free of burden or pressure. It's a door for me to relieve my tension and excitement in a good and

healthy way. I feel that my choice of words are of the utmost importance, as I want to sound wise and

still be myself at the same time.

Writing can be anything that I want it to be. I have a chance to make something that is completely mine. I have found that a lot of my pieces of writing are reflections of my past experiences and represent who I am as a real person. I have always believed that people should write about what they are familiar with and know. I like to take my emotions and use them for my writing. Poetry is one type of writing that I use quite often. I receive much joy from poetry more than any other type of writing. I become fascinated in the words I express and I become part of my poem. When I write poetry that means something to me, it is very powerful and dominant in my mind's eyes and I sometimes share my words with good friends. I was once told that writing is the act of inscribing on a surface. I think that writing is more than just words on a piece of paper, it is opinions, emotions, your thoughts and most of all, feelings.

I do tend write as you have said in class “as they want me to write” I , however only write in this fashion when I'm in school. I'm learning to write in college not just as they want me to write but...
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