Who I Am as a Learner

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  • Published : December 23, 2012
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Who am I as a learner?

To be a better learner, we should have a better understanding of ourselves and build a suitable study plan for person. And improve the plan through continuous learn. According to xxxx, a learner who has an exact oriented will achieve a better goal. Moreover, they will find a favorable job after graduation. This article will discuss some research about me to make out a complete plan and know the role which suitable for me in a small group and give a plan about career choice.

In order to design a model of self-regulated learning method. I test VARK on myself that I am good at aural and kinesthetic. Aural means that I would like use listen to learn something. It is essential for people to achieve the target. There is a proverb in China says that honest advice, though unpleasant to the ear, benefits conduct. Through many examples, it can be perfect show in real life. I feel it is very interesting to learn from doing a thing and find the true meaning from it by myself. For example, I have learned how to do company sheet. However I am not very clear about it. In holiday, I worked in a company and do several sheets by myself and I know it very deeply. Therefore, in my view, to learn knowledge from a real event is the method which is fit for me. Moreover, it is not enough to just do it, I should also consider different aspects about the problem. Only keep on learning and think about behavior can we make a great progress. Therefore, I always take notes about the things which I do recently and look for the bad one to record it. It will helpful for my future to avoid similar mistakes.

A people who want to be success not only depend on individual, we should corporate with others. Therefore, I had a test on me, the test is an significant way to test what’s my role in a group. According to MBTI xxxxxx and the test of Belbin also prove it. I am good at creative, imaginative, solve different problems and search out errors and deliver on time. From...
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