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Who I Am and Who I Aspire to Be

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Who I Am and Who I Aspire to Be

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Who I am and who I aspire to be
Where I’ve been, at and Going
Marvin Hane
PSY 202
Althea Artis
September, 26, 2011

Who I am and who I aspire to be…

I'll start off by saying that as a little boy I had no idea what to do with my life. I had aspirations to be a football player when I was 11 or so, but a few years later my Dad finally proved to me that going into such a competitive, fast paced field isn't the wisest move. Other than that, I only had one overall goal for my life. That was computers… So now I'm 23, I am proud of the career path I’ve chosen as I feel like computers are the future. I've been gritting my teeth making that big push towards getting towards my goal of owning or working for a computer company. I'm happy about my life at this point as I look back on my past. I am currently single, no debt, self-employed, clean record, average or below GPA and a GED. I’ve come very far from the little boy who didn’t know who or what he wanted to be in life. Even though as a young boy my father always was confident that I would be in school and he would always say take advantage of the benefits I left you so I did and still do. My mother would also say the same the same thing after the passing of my father. I’ve always been told I am a very intelligent person, so I try to use that and apply myself to earning my degree in every way possible. I love the English language, reading, writing, poetry also rap music which I view as a form of poetry. I love life because everything you did in the past or everything you do today will have a effect on your future. So when my father brought home the first pc I ever saw in person it had an immediate effect on me then as it does now as it is the sole reason I have chosen imo such a great career path that will always be here. I am also big on technology and video games? Which is why I chose a career in technology? Even as I type this I am excited about a new supposedly computer processor that should be getting...

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