Who You Become Who You Are

Topics: Abstraction, Metaphysics, Sociology Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: February 26, 2013
How do we Become Who we are?
Everybody has their own opinion on how you become who you are. Everybody is different no matter how hard you try to be the same. Just like John Holland and Carl Joung, people try to justify the reasoning behind how we become who we are. Unlike the theories we have learned about in class I don't believe it is possible to catergorize people or put them into groups.

According to the birth order affect you should be able to catorgerize yourself into one of four catogories; oldest, middle, yougest, or only child. While some of the descriptions given may fit to how I see myself, ther are some that are way off. Middle children often seek recoginition and a sense of beloging out side the family. I can't agree with this because my family is more important to me then friends or hobbies. It also says middle children tend to be rebelious. Compared to my other siblings I am nothing close to rebelious. On the other hand, it does say middles develop exceptional social skills which I can relate too. After reading over the other three catagories I have found I can relate equally to all of them.

John Holland looked at people and work enviroments to come up with a classification system. His system consists of a quiz that puts you in to one of six categories; Realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, or conventional. Under each of these categories are suggested career ideas. After taking it, the quiz told me I was social . Suggested careers include anthropology, sociology, education, and political science. These career choices may interest somepeople, but they don't apply to everyone who tests to be social.

The third test we took was the word matrix. After calculating your score when you finish the test you are placed into one of four categories; concrete sequential, abstract random, abstract sequential, and concrete random. Out of all four categories I mostly related to absract random. Abstract...
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