Who Will Make Room for the Intersexed?

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Who Will Make Room for the Intersexed?
(Pp. 9-23)
Reading Review #1

This is the review of the article “Who Will Make Room for the Intersexed?” written by Kate Haas.

In that article, the author main focus in placed on intersexed children and their rights of choice and

protection of their identities. To defend her point of view, she analysed the medical implications of the

surgical intervention and the constitutional part of the issue. She mainly based her arguments on the

“Brenda” case , and also, on the fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution.

The major strength of this article was the numerous cases of intersexed children, who were

“fixed” , that she gave in her article as examples. In these cases, she was clearly presenting the different

negative impacts that genital reconstruction could have on these people lives.

The major weakness of this article was the absence of a criticism of the silence of medias on this

issue. We all know that the media is an important tool in the socialization process. Media consider that

subject as taboo.” It only vehiculates strong images of the actual society”. A sensibilization through the

medias would be the first step on the non-discrimination of the intersexed people.

Social construction: an idea that may appear to be natural, normal, and obvious to those that

accept it, but it's actually an invention or an artifact of a particular culture or society. We can clearly

point some examples of social construction p11 “…Money would often force her to engage in sexual

role-play with her twin brother in order to enforce that she was a girl and he was a boy” also p10

“During that period, the medical community determined that intersexed people were truly male or

female but had not fully developed in the womb”.

In conclusion, if I could choose one piece of...
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