Who Were the Normans?

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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The Normans were originally known as Norsemen or Northmen and Danes. They were closely akin(m¦‡MvÎxq) to the English. They were fair haired but most cruel and daring. They came from Denmark, Norway and Scandinavia and from also the original homeland of the Angles and Guts. Afterwards they had been appearing on the states of England, of its society and politics. Ultimately they took Britain to be their suitable homeland and conquered. In England, the Norman first descended on the sea-coasts, plundered(jyÚb Kiv), burnt, destroyed and went away. Next, they entered the land and finally from after the middle of the 9lh century, they appeared in large number, conquered and settled in England. They also advanced to Scotland and Ireland.

In 793, the Danes reached to the Dorset coast. Egbert, the king of Wessex, resiste I them. But they were powerful in Northumbria and Mercia. In 854, they entered to southern England for the first time. In 867a combined hoard (gRyZ`vi) of them reached to Yorkshire. They killed Edmand, the king of East Anglia, and conquered the land in 870. Afterwards they turned to Wessex in 871, Alfred, the brother of Ethelred, became the king. He had to face many attack of the Norman. Edward (900- 924) reconquered Merica and East Anglia from them. On the other hand they became more powerful in France. They carved (wecyj cÖqv‡m †Kvb wKQz AR©b Kiv) out a great fertile region for themselves and compelled the king of France to recognize their possession of that vast fertile area which was henceforth(A`¨veax) called Normandy. This Normandy played a great role in changing the fate of England. Ethelred made an alliance with the Normandy marrying Emma, the sister of Richard, the duke of Normandy, as his second wife. But he committed a blunder(‡evKvi g‡Zv f’j Kiv). He killed .a number of Danes in England in1002 A.D.

During the absence of Godwin. William, the duke of Normandy, paid a state visit to England in1052 A.D. Edward had no son. So, William latter...
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