Who We Are Is Truly Tested When We Encounter Conflict

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Who we are is truly tested when we encounter conflict

The true test of someone’s character is not determined by how we deal with conflict in our life, but how we deal with all the aspects of our lives, for example; how we are when we are happy, grieving or angry. Our maturity levels also play a huge part in defining who we are. There is no doubt that conflict alters our emotions, thus it effects our actions, but this does not determine who we are. It only shows how we act in times of stress. Conflict can be encountered in many aspects of people’s lives including social, work and home lives. An emotional state of our being is not indicative of our true self; it is simply symptomatic of an event.

Home is often an accurate indication of who we truly are. Being with family members often means there is no necessity to ‘look good. Our identity is defined by numerous aspects of our lives. One major factor that helps to define who we are is our family. They mould and shape us from a very young age and we are taught how to behave by the ones close to us. We are who we are, and in most cases this is accepted, especially amongst parents. In the eyes of parents, they do not see much wrong with their child. In some cases expectations are unfulfilled and this can lead to conflict between children and parents. For example some races or cultures have great academic expectations or differing opinions on the physical appearance of their children, such as altering hair colour or getting a piercing. These are by the youth considered expressions of individuality, however, condemned by authoritarian parents, hence often leading to violent explosions of anger. No doubt in these situations parents are still very caring and loving for their children, as their children are of them, however, very violent and nasty exchanges of words often occur within the family home, but this does not totally define...
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