Who We Are Is Truely Tested and Proven When We Encounter Conflict

Topics: Family, International Marxist Tendency Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: September 13, 2012
Conflict is an inevitable part of human existence. Whenever two or more people interact with each other, there exists a potential for conflict. Conflict arises from a clash of ideas, power- hungry people and individual differences. Struggle for power occurs everywhere, ranging from a school yard to a war ground. The outcomes of struggle however depend on the coping skills, personal qualities and the values and beliefs of the individual. In a situation of extreme conflict, the individual is put to a test where he is required to be resilient and calm so that he can smoothly survive such a dangerous circumstance. The true test of one’s character is not based on what conflict they face, but how the individual deals with the conflict.

Conflict is unfair. Innocent people tend to be greater victims of conflict, than those who are actually involved in the conflict. While some people know the art of dealing with conflict, others feel helpless and give up immediately. In the Rug Maker by Najaf Mazari, Najaf is put through numerous difficulties at every walk of life, but he deals with every situation in a positive way. Firstly, when Najaf was 12 years old, his eldest brother and father -figure Gorg Ali , was brutally shot .Najaf’s entire family was moaning over the loss of Gorg Ali, and felt hopeless. In spite of this situation, Najaf knew that if he didn’t work, the family will have no support and therefore went to the carpet factory six days a week and worked extremely hard. One of the other major incidents was when the rocket exploded on najaf’s house, breaking his right leg, injuring his mother and heartlessly killing his youngest brother Rosal Ali. Even in that devastating situation, Najaf thinks that the survival of his mother and other brother was a blessing for him. Najaf’s reaction to every struggle he faces reflects his true character. Not all people possess the ability to smoothly deal with conflict when they are put to the ultimate test .They usually keep on...
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