Who Was Most to Blame for the Darfur Conflict?

Topics: Sudan, Omar al-Bashir, War in Darfur Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: June 19, 2011
Using my own knowledge and information, who do I think was most to blame for the Darfur Conflict?

The Sudan Conflict (Also known as the Darfur Conflict) began in the 1980’s with disputes between the Black Africans and the Arabs over remaining farmland that hadn’t become scarce due to a series of droughts. The Arabs (who bred and grazed cattle) needed land that the Black Africans had. Because their land had become desolate and the remaining land was limited, the Black Africans refused for the Arabs to use their land. This induced the Africans to defend their land as the Arabs lashed out with force. This was when the Government intervened, stopping the fights at any cost. Large scale rebellions broke out between the farmers and the Government, which was who I think was most to blame.

Sudan is located within the North-East region of Africa, bordering Chad, Libya, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. The capital city, Khartoum is situated around the centre of Sudan. It is populated by the Black Africans, who account for 49% of the entire population (38,000,000 people) and the Arabs accounting for 51% of the population. The Arabs mostly dominate the Sudanese Government; The prime minister, Omar Al-Bashir is an Arab and believes that Sudan belongs to Arabs. The Darfur Province spans across the western region of Sudan, populated by around 6,000,000. The climax of the Rebellion began in April, 2003 when the two main rebel forces, The Justice Equality Movement (JEM) and the Sudanese Liberation Army (SLA) took up arms, accusing the Sudanese government of oppressing Sudanese Black Africans in favour of Sudanese Arabs and co-ordinated large scale attacks directly at the Sudanese Government.

The Government responded forcefully, ordering Arab troops to counter-attack the rebels and drive African farmers off their land in Darfur. They also began to arm up a government backed, Militia organization called the Janjaweed who fought against the rebels on horseback....
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