Who Truly Holds Democracy? (a Reflection Paper to Democracy from Below?)

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  • Published : February 26, 2011
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The article provided a widespread and clear canvass of the Philippine politics. It reflected our reality by tackling political issues such as corruption, distribution of the pork barrel, vote buying, and dependence of the poor citizens to politicians. These unlawful acts are being performed and propagated by our lawmakers themselves. It enlightened me on what kind of politics we are experiencing throughout the years. That such did not happen overnight but in every day and in every way when man’s own agenda overtakes the national interest. One person’s personal intentions and greed has the capacity to drastically affect thousands. Worse, there is not just one who controls the country, but a two full-packed house with varied interests. These men and women in legitimate position control 94 million Filipinos and the 7,107 islands of the archipelago. Their power and authority gained through election, an exercise of democracy as most people know, now allows them to exercise their ‘democracy’ as well. And those “trapo” out there consume the pork barrel and gives some or a little bit to their respective provinces. To blame or not to blame? But who’s to blame?

I cannot say that there is no one to blame when THERE ARE A LOT! There is a need to root the causes for all these. It is for us to know where, how, what, and when to start doing the solutions intended for a progressive economy and REAL-LIFE democracy. Well, it’s not a mind-boggling question at all. We, the FILIPINO people are to blame for this kind of political turmoil. Obviously the government officials caused a great deal of damage in the country, its name, and the citizens. And we too have our specific roles and responsibilities to execute. It is not just about waiting for the next mistake of the state and then putting it on newspaper for the citizens to be informed. It is not just about reading, critiquing, and being dismayed with the reality that we experience. And definitely, it is not about apathy. There...
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