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  • Published : September 11, 2010
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Authors note

For my portfolio the two minor assignments that I decided to put in were my argumentative paragraph on the play Macbeth, and my personal language and literature essay. The major piece of work that I have put in the portfolio is my Macbeth essay. The reason I chose these pieces was because they were the three that I feel were the most interesting, two that I had the best success on, and one that I struggled on. The piece of work that I did the best on was my Macbeth essay. I achieved the goal that I had set for myself to get, which was a 70% on the essay. I feel that the reason I was able to achieve my goal was because I was able to explain my points well and I did not wait to the last minute to complete the essay. The reason I decided to put my personal language and literature essay in was because it was my first grade 11 university essay and it was also my worst. By doing this essay I realized that I cannot leave all my work to the last minute because I will be unable to get the piece edited, my mark showed this. The last piece of work that is in my portfolio is my argumentative paragraph on the play Macbeth. I decided to put this piece of work into my portfolio because I feel I did alright on the assignment, but I had the ability to do better.

Throughout my grade 11 English course I have learned a great deal about what I need to improve on more and what I have already improved on throughout the semester. The writing skill I need to improve on most is my spelling and grammar. On all of my essays I have gotten the same comment, which usually goes something along the lines of “need more editing” or “need more proofing”. Based on this I believe that to achieve a higher mark in my grade 12 English class next year I must do this better. Another part that I need to improve on is staying in the present tense. This was another comment on all of my essays, whether it was by my teacher, or a student editing my essay. I have trouble staying in the...
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