Who Should Pay for College?

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  • Published: February 1, 2013
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Who should pay for college?

Long times ago, people believe that college education is a way of training an ignorant man to be knowledgeable. Many people believe that education can make our society better. With this thought keep in human's mind, there is a controversial argument left to people that is who should pay for the college-the Public or private. Some people believed that education should be public, such as, education affordable by using taxpayer's money to help pay for it. But it is not all of people standing by this side anymore, because some of people who are contribute their taxed money to pay college have begin to against the public education because what if students are learning nothing and sleeping in the class. Therefore, more and more people refuse to pay their tax to college. It is a common belief that students have to pay their tuition by earning scholarship, making loan program, and getting part-time jobs.

No one can get a free lunch; it means if a man desires something that he or she has the responsibility to pay for it. Even public education takes the opportunity to everyone to get the higher education, but higher education is needless and waste to some people. “Britain led the Industrial Revolution without significant government-funded higher education, while the Soviet Union poured public funds into higher education to little positive effect”(Terence). In private education, for students who are not able to pay tuition, they can get assistance from college if he really wants to learn something from college. Every department of college provided many opportunities of scholarship to students whose GPA is pretty well every quarter. It is a fund to student who is trying hard to focus on his course and pay attention to follow his instructor well. If student who is earn the scholarship that may not cover the entire charging, but it still can make the tuition affordable by his own work without taxpayer's help. That is a way to encourage students work hard. Commonly, people are glad to help the weak side that student who is unable to afford their class but working hard on their class. People believe it is perfectly to allocate the differ tuition to students which depends on students desire to learn or not. Of course if the student is rich enough, he can also taking college even nothing to learn during educate time but provide the money to best student who is not rich enough. There is a similarly model from vehicle's insurance company to differ the payment of different student that is students whose GPA over 3.0 can get a 20 percent discount from the insurance company. Private education is fair to everyone in the higher education, and also it can make students understand how important of "competition" in the future. Do not waste the time and money to unnecessary that is the reason of most people believed private education is better to entire people.

In the public college, the tuition is cheaper than private college because taxpayers contributed their money to public education. That's the reason cause a lot of students who are taking class in public education always study careless and waste taxpayers' money because more tuition is taking from the taxpayer. Once, taxpayers wouldn’t want to contribute money to them. People believe that students will work hard in the college by using their own money to pay their tuition. So, loan is the better way to their tuition fee. “social justice argues that people from less-privileged back-grounds should be subsidized in their higher education, and such people may be deterred from optimizing their human capital by the fees and loan systems of the private sector”(Terence). There are some students would focus on their favor course, they doesn't care about anything else. Those students just want to earn skills from major class which is helpful and related for their future work. The result of them is major classes well but overall classes can be not wonderful. For those...
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