Who Really Wrote Shakespeare's Work

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  • Published : May 5, 2002
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Who really wrote Shakespeare's works?

One of the most well-known writers in history is also one of the most controversial writers. William Shakespeare has been credited to thirty-eight plays, but did he actually write all of them. The debate whether he wrote all of his plays has been debated for generations. One of the main reasons was if his education level was high enough to be a world-famous writer. But if Shakespeare didn't write his works, then who did? One of the most controversial and accused writers was Sir Francis Bacon. Sir Francis Bacon was a great scientist and a great writer. He was a well-educated man and his educated level was higher and more advanced than William Shakespeare. He had enough education to write master pieces of Shakespeare's caliber.

I think the reason he didn't write Shakespeare work was that his literature and writing style was more sophisticated. The way Shakespeare wrote was a type that couldn't be learned in school it was just talent that's why it didn't matter how high your level of education was.

Edward de Vere was another writer though to have written the work of Shakespeare. Since the 1930's de Vere has been strongly advanced as the true author of Shakespeare's plays. De Vere represents the social-elitist stratum of the theorists, who believe that a commoner could never have accomplish such genius. De Vere was a nobleman of Queen Elizabeth I's court.

Charlton Ogburn an author thought that parallels of the Earl's life with materials from the plays. Similarities between Polonius of Hamlet and the Earl's Guardian, William Cecil, was thought to be one the biggest pieces of evidences against Shakespeare.

The Earl of Oxford stopped writing at an early age, but thought still to be writing under the name of Shakespeare after. The fact that the Earl died before some of Shakespeare's last plays were produced really hurt the...
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