Who Moved My Cheese Essay

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  • Published : April 3, 2012
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Who Moved My Cheese?

Before reading “Who Moved My Cheese?”, by Spencer Johnson, I scanned through it real quick and it seemed like a fairly simplistic read. I did not originally expect much out of the book with its sort of corny pictures of cheese and story about made up people and situation. Once I began to read it I realized it was a little more complex than a mouse going through a maze to obtain cheese. The beginning starts out with a group of former classmates gathered around discussing their current jobs and such. Then the story of Who Moved My Cheese is brought up and one of the alumni begin telling the whole story... The story starts out with four made up characters, a couple of simple mice named Sniff and Scurry and two beings, that were as small as the mice, named Hem and Haw. Right away I noticed that the names would have some sort of significance in the story. These four characters were all contained within a giant maze, which I believe is symbolic to the world we live in today. I believe that each character also represented different personalities of people. Sniff represented someone who looks ahead, and has a plan when things go wrong. Scurry type people are ones that are always ready to change when something is thrown them. Hems are people that hold others back, they are too comfortable or afraid of change and repeat the same things over and over again regardless of its efficiency. Haw type people are willing to change and move from one source of “cheese” to another and enjoy the adventure in doing so. One of the major differences between the mice and small beings was that the mice didn't over-analyze things and kept things simple. The little beings were more intelligent but at the same time it cold work against them due to over complicating things. Their wits should be used to their advantage, and in the story Haw does exactly that after realizing its mistakes. Hems mind worked a little different, Hem seemed to over-think things and imagined...
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